Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Clothes shopping

Clothes shopping is usually HELLA triggering, right?
Not yesterday!
Oh no.
My fiancee and I wear the same size. Which is so weird because we are different heights, different weights, but we're also different builds.
So, we weren't too optimistic.
I've told y'all that I'm 200 pounds right?
That's about 90.7 kg for my international followers.
So we started with a 15.
And just kept going down.
And down.
And down.
We ended up at a 11.
I'm one size away from not being in the double digits.
I mean, I'm no where the weight I want to be (I just weighed myself. 203.6)
But weight can be lost. Weight can be lost.
That dog is my dog. He's a cutie.
I started classes again last week. I have class four days a week. I have six classes two days, five one day, and then one one day. Most days that I have class I reach my 10000 step goal. Which is a lot more exercise than I have been getting. Shame on me. Anyway, because I'm about five times more active than I have been, I'm expecting to lose weight. We also bought healthy foods.
Does anyone want progress pictures? Like on a regular basis? I don't feel like I lose weight enough to post progress pictures.

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  1. Congrats :)

    It's really up to you whether or not you post progress pictures. For me, I find it more stressful and triggering, and am better off avoiding posting progress pics. If you think it'll be a positive for you, great, but if not, there's never any pressure. The last thing any of us need is the blogosphere to feel unsafe or stressful.

    Your puppy is adorable. Yesterday was three years since we said goodbye to our Silky. I could've sworn it was only two :-/