Monday, July 30, 2012

I love you guys.

Like a lot.
I wish I could actually read your blogs on this app.
But just knowing that I don't want to let you guys down.
So I try.
I try so hard.
Coffee, tea, water.
I'm below 900 without exercise so far today.
Honestly, I'm thinking about what I can do for exercise.
I'm sorry if I post a lot today. J.P. has work until midnight tonight.
And I have the car so I have to go get her.
So... I'm gonna go do that exercise.
Sam, I know it could be worse. Before I started actually trying to lose weight I was 166. Oh it's called Color Me Faded Denim. It's a christian book, but J.P. had it laying around so I read it. Just because I love reading.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

One day it's good, the next not so much

Yesterday was great. Today...not really.
But j.p. has treated me better today.
Thank you guys for saying she shouldn't treat me badly. You're all great.
We've been trying to clean J.P. and her little sister's room.
Everything has been crazy.
She's mad at her mom now.
But either way, I wanna get more exercise.
Like get on the stationary bike they have on their back porch and go for... hours.
Also I want to read.
J.P. has this book and I'm not too far in it but the main character's best friend is a model and the main character is chubby.
She becomes anorexic/bulimic to lose weight.
It makes me wish I could regain control.
OH! When I weighed myself this morning I was 163.
It made me feel beast. Losing weight like a boss.
Thank you, Sam, for saying such nice things. I've really needed a compliment lately.
I'm sorry my posts are insanely dull and picture-less.
I'm using my blogger app on my phone. :/

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Im back in the swing of things...

My net has been below 900 today and the day before yesterday.
Idk what happened yesterday.
Something not good.
(1500plus calories with little exercise.)
J.P. has been a whiney the past couple days.
I get she had to work...but still.
Doesn't mean she should treat me bad.
I just...dunno.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I told J.P. that we should train to run a marathon.

She looked at me like I was crazy. :)
Then she asked how long we had.
I told her the hardest part would be sticking with it, running every day.
She didn't really agree.
She said it'd be her breathing.
Id have to get more protien.
I'm excited.
She says by the end of out freshman year of college. I think we could do it. If we ran. Everyday.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Did not eat very much yesterday.

J.P. threw this huge fit because I was getting crabby. Caffiene made it better. Always does. So I've been enjoying coffee today. Tomorrow, I think I won't eat. At all.
Oh, my dad saw that I own my own bit of coffee. He said I'm not "old enough" to like coffee. Not even strawberry shortcake coffee.
I'm planning to wash some dishes for J.P. so she doesn't have to worry about so many when she wakes up.
I have a super question. I haven't been starving like I should/could but I get like I'm going to pass out. Does anyone know why? Is it just too much is happening at once or what? I'm just wondering.
Also, I downloaded an app for blogger. So I can post mobilely. I can post MORE! Like I used to do, hopefully.