Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sorry I haven't been on in forever.

I thought I got better.
Just woke up one day and wanted to eat.
But that's gotta stop.
I went from a size three to a size 5.
Also, I woke up this morning, starving.
It felt freaking great.
So I haven't eaten anything yet.
I've been meaning to blog, really.
There's a lot going on.
J.P. and I are on good terms now.
But I.M. isn't speaking to me.
I haven't cut in what feels like ages.
I'm also probably above 140.
When I went to the doctors, I was 138.
That was a while ago.
I've been scared to weigh myself at home.
Keep telling myself to, but I'm scared to dig it up, out of the pile of laundry that gathered on it, and go weigh myself.
I'm scared I'll be 150 again.
Though I doubt that.
When I was 150, I was a size seven.
Which makes no sense because when I was 155 I was a size nine.
I'm just so sick of being...flubby.