Thursday, November 4, 2010


Start laughing nervously now because I'll be shocked if you aren't by the end. My bf and I talked about sex. I told him if he wants to do that on his birthday this year...he can get a prostitute because I won't do it.
I have multiple reasons for this. 1, I do believe that it should be between a married couple (or basically married). 2, my dad would kill both of us. 3, the thought scares me to no end. 4, he's a teenage guy and would probably just dump me afterward. There's so many other reasons, but those four are the ones off the top of my head.
My mom says we shouldn't be talking about this, but I think that it's actually important we do (since I'm comfortable enough with him to discus them over Facebook, haha). That way he knows right now that he isn't gonna get laid anytime soon with me.
So...Yeah...Basically, the idea of sex scares me. When I'm older and have calmed down a little and have myself settled out a little, maybe it won't, but currently it does.
<3 Ixia