Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quick post

I really need a nap, so this post will hopefully be short. I'm exhausted. I started (yesterday) that pushup challenge, so some time today I need to do 4 push ups.
I download the sparkpeople app. It's supposed to help you lose weight in a healthy-ish kind of way. Either way, unlike myfitnesspal it tries to give you a human calorie count, so that you're actually eating enough and still able to lose weight. I just started using it, and I really hope it goes well.
My doctor's visit went ok; they started me on some stomach meds to try and help me regain my appetite. I felt better for a little bit, but today I feel sick again. I think it's cause it's rainy outside. I get kind of blah and sick when it rains.
Ok, short post done.